Hoa Nguyen
Flexmaster Masterclass

Organized by the international PMU master Verica Blasco and Eliz Ivánkó in Budapest!

20-21 november 2023


Hoa Nguyen - PMU artist

Hoa Nguyen is the creator of the special Flexmaster technique. 2022 winner of Vietnam's most prestigious Permanent makeup competition. He has trained thousands of students from the basics to the advanced in his country and abroad. Hoa Nguyen PMU Academy offers specialized courses with exclusive lesson plans, a simplified route that reduces study time by 50%.

You can get a huge advantage!


First day
November 20.

Morning: Theory
– Learn how to handle difficult lip conditions
– Learn how to completely remove dark lips
– Theory of color in permanent makeup
– Theory about ink moducle, needle and machine
– How to mix colors to create the hottest tones
– How to choose inks and recommend some good inks

Second day
November 21.

Student work on model

Students practice on models under the supervision of a teacher.


Exact location under arrangement.

What should I bring to the event?

What you need to bring to the training is your make-up tattoo machine and the needle modules for it. Everything else, pigment, latex, pen, notepad, etc. we provide for you!

The models are provided by the students, so please bring a model with you.

Hoa Nguyen Masterclass


1200 EURO

Account information for booking a deposit:

Booking: 500 Euro, the remaining amount can be paid on the spot.
* You will finalize your seat by transferring the reservation, which we can guarantee for 7 days from the date of application!
Account information for booking a deposit:

Account holder: Junger Tibor
Bank account number: HU88 1040 0463 7751 4850 5555 1006
Bank: K&H Bank Zrt.
Notice: Masterclass booking + Your Name
Amount: 500 EUR