Organized by the international PMU master Verica Blasco and Eliz Ivánkó in Belgrade!

13-15 April 2023


Vita Pertseva - Studio Vitart!

Her name is known all over the world. She has been in the profession for 20 years and was originally a medical doctor.

Her knowledge is unique, which she want to pass on during her trainings, and even teaches to put her own tips and tricks into practice!

Cheerful and witty personality, there will be no shortage of laughter!

Anyone who knows knows that Vita is the absolute queen of the PMU!

You can get a huge advantage!

Make-up tattoos for the masterclass are a huge advantage, Vita does not copy, it gives you unique and knowledge that you can make full use of with proper practice!

Vita brings her own perfected techniques so that participating make-up tattoo artists can leave the eyebrows, eyelids and mouth with brilliant new knowledge.

Her cured works speak for themselves, because the point is always this, this is what the guest has been wearing for years:


First day
13 April

– start at 9:30
– presentation and theory – powder eyebrows
– on presentation model /Vita/ – powder eyebrows
– lunch
– lecture and theory – lips
– presentation on the model /Vita/ – lips

Second day
14 April

– start at 9:30
– presentation and theory – classic eyeliner
– on presentation model /Vita/ – classic eyeliner
– lunch
– presentation and theory – shading eyeliner
– on the demonstration model /Vita/ – shading eyeliner

Third day
15 April
– Students work on a model using the technique of their choice


Belgrade - Exact location under arrangement

Soft drinks, water, coffee and cookie snacks will be available at all times.

What should I bring to the event?

What you need to bring to the training is your make-up tattoo machine and the needle modules for it. Everything else, pigment, latex, pen, notepad, etc. we provide for you!

Studio Vitart Masterclass


1150 EURO

If a student wants to work on more than one model, an additional €200 per model must be paid.

The number of places is LIMITED, the best in the profession have already secured a place for the Vita Pertseva Masterclass!

Account information for booking a deposit:

Booking: 500 Euro, the remaining amount can be paid on the spot.
* You will finalize your seat by transferring the reservation, which we can guarantee for 7 days from the date of application!
Account information for booking a deposit:

Account holder: Junger Tibor
Bank account number: HU88 1040 0463 7751 4850 5555 1006
Bank: K&H Bank Zrt.
Notice: Masterclass booking + Your Name
Amount: 500 EUR