Verica Blasko Masterclass

Organized by Eliz Ivánkó in Budapest

25-26 september 2024


Verica Blasko- International PMU Master

Ladies, Verica is coming to us again to give training. The two-day training will be a Super Marathon. 3 areas-Powdered eyebrows, dusty eyelids and lips, and on the 2nd day freely chosen modeling under the supervision of a Master. Anyone who knows Verica, her unique personality, her ethos as a teacher, does not need to be introduced to her, many "Masters" cannot even follow her footsteps, despite her incredible professional knowledge and humility.

Beautiful works by Verica


day 1
25 september

9:00 Theoretical workshop on eyebrows, eyelids and lips.

11:30 Live demonstration – Verica demonstrates the powder eyebrow technique on a model.

14:00 Lunch break

14:30 Live demonstration – Verica demonstrates the soft lip technique on a model

16:30 Live demonstration – Verica demonstrates her powder eyelid technique on a model

At the end of the day: Q&A and presentation of certificates

day 2
26 september
Own modeling under the supervision of a Master. Everyone provides the Models for themselves.

Location - Budapest

Under organisation.

1123 Budapest, Győri street 8a.

What should I bring to the event?

What you need to bring to the training is your make-up tattoo machine and the needle modules for it. Everything else, pigment, latex, pen, notepad, etc. we provide for you!

The models are provided by the students, so please bring a model with you.

Verica Blasko


1400 EURO (+TAX)

Account information for booking a deposit:

Booking: 500 Euro, the remaining amount can be paid on the spot.
* You will finalize your seat by transferring the reservation, which we can guarantee for 7 days from the date of application!
Account information for booking a deposit:

Account holder: Junger Tibor
Bank account number: HU88 1040 0463 7751 4850 5555 1006
Bank: K&H Bank Zrt.
Notice: Masterclass booking + Your Name
Amount: 500 EUR